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Our Model and One Purpose

Friends, Families, and Supporters of Valley Housing Partners (VHP), Greetings!

I am starting this blog to bring you stories about the families we help, their struggles and their joys. For this initial blog, I will describe the VHP model for helping homeless families.

VHP has one purpose: to raise funds to help house homeless families.

The VHP model is simple. For each $6,000 we raise, we seek out a family to help, through a church or social service agency in San Gabriel Valley.

We ask 3 questions:
(1) With the $500 subsidy, will the family stabilize and keep their home for 12 months?
(2) Will the agency/church provide regular coaching/counseling services?
(3) Is there a church the family can attend to get a support system and spiritual nourishment?

The $500 a month subsidy doesn’t seem much, but this allows a family to sleep in a warm bed instead of a cold street pavement.

The VHP model provides a 3 way solution –
a family stays in a home, a service agency fulfills its goal and a church lives out its mission.

VHP provides everyone an opportunity to help the homeless. Please click here and donate to VHP, a 501 c3 organization